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The YFLEX Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) Board, which adopts liquid crystal polymer (LCP) as the insulating substrate, has a low dielectric constant and low dielectric dissipation factor, thereby achieving exceedingly low transmission loss and ensuring excellent high-frequency characteristics. Furthermore, the YFLEX FPC Board provides low hygroscopicity and superb dimensional stability, thus allowing ease of fine pattern processing and precise impedance matching. It has extremely high gas barrier properties, thus available in harsh environments. High-frequency substrates for millimeter band incorporating the YFLEX FPC Board satisfy the specified characteristics in high-temperature and high-humidity environments and places where high gas barrier performance is required. Furthermore, Yamaichi offers high-speed transmission cables that conform to Yamaichi-made connectors.

 Characteristic comparison data of polyimide(PI) and a liquid crystal polymer(LCP)

Item Valuation method Unit LCP PI
Tensile Strength ASTM D882 MPa 330 200
Tensile Elasticity Gpa 3 3
Rupture Elongation % 50 80
Tearing Strength JIS C2318 Kg 18 20
Melting Point DSC 335 -
Solder Heat Resistance (Float) JIS C5013 350 350
Thermal Expansion Coefficient TMA ppm/ 18 20
Thermal Conductivity Hot-wire probe W/mk 0.5 1.3
Flame Retardant UL94 - VTM-0 V-0
Water Absorption 25℃、24h % 0.04 2.9
Moisture Absorbing Expansion Coefficient 60℃ ppm/%RH 4 22
Dielectric Constant Triplate Line Resonator(25GHz)
Cavity Resonator(10GHz)
- 2.9
IDielectric Loss Tangent Triplate Line Resonator (25GHz)
Cavity Resonator (10GHz)
- 0.002
Volume Resistivity IEEC 60093 Ωcm 10 15 10 15
Surface Resistivity IEEC 60093 Ω 10 13 10 13
Surface Withstand Voltage JIS C5016 kV 1.5 1.6

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